Lava® infrared heating panel thermostat!

Infrared heater accessories

The heating panels from 'Lava®' generate a comfortable room climate and bring a feeling of well being. The mirror is mirror and heater in one!

As accessories are available: towel racks, remote control, thermostat and ceiling brackets:

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Chromo III Thermostat cover ...

Chromo III Thermostat cover ring

Cover ring for thermostat

Lava Control F

Digital ...

Lava Control F

Digital programmable wireless Thermostat

EasyTimer Digital - 16A ...

EasyTimer Digital - 16A r

Built in digital thermostat - programmable.

EasyTemp analog - 16A ...

EasyTemp analog - 16A v

Built in analog digital thermostat

Chromo III digital Thermostat ...

Chromo III digital Thermostat 16A v

Built in digital thermostat

Infrared Mirror heater thermostat - infrared panel

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Show 1 to 5 (of in total 5 products)