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mirror heater Europe 40x60cm

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Europe mirror heater 40x60cm

27 Watt / 230 Volt

Keep your bathroom mirror fog free with a mirror defogger.

These self adhesive mirror heater pads which can be installed on the back of any mirror are a simple way to have condensation free mirrors.

Article number: 292-02
Voltage: 220 V
Electric power: 27 W
Measurements: 400 x 600 mm
Thickness: ca. 0,9 mm; on power cord sealing ca. 5 mm
Carrier: 125 µm Polyester foil
Tape: Orabond 1395, with silicon paper
Adhesive: modified acrylic
Sealing: hot glue
Power cord: Twin cable, FL 2x0,75 mm², length app. ca. 1000 mm
Temperature range: -40° C to + 95° C ( continuous load )
ROHS compliant: Yes
Protection degree: IP64
Admission test: CE compliant


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